Centre for Chemical Substances and Preparations is the national competent authority of the Slovak Republic responsible for the implementation of the detergents legislation.

National legislation

ACT No 67/2010 of 2 February 2010 on conditions applicable to the placing on the market of chemical substances and chemical mixtures, amending certain acts (Chemicals Act) – particularly article 8.

Main obligations

Manufacturer placing detergent on the market is obliged to provide to the National toxicological Information Centre the ingredient datasheet as stipulated in Annex VII C of the detergent regulation (No 648/2004/EC). Manufacturer of surfactant and detergent containing surfactants shall hold at the disposal of the competent authorities of the Member States confirmation on fulfilling requirements of the detergent regulation regarding biodegradability of surfactants. Manufacturer and distributor placing detergent on the market shall be obliged to fulfil the requirements regarding the additional labelling of detergents in compliance with Annex VII A and B of the detergent regulation. More details: Centre for Chemical Substances and Preparations (CCHLP) (www.ccsp.sk)