Slovakia now accepts poison centre notifications through ECHA’s submission portal but national legislation has not yet been changed. Duty holders must continue to notify their hazardous mixtures according to the national legislation until further notice.

1. According to the Slovak Chemical Act no. 67/2010 Coll. § 6 (1), the suppliers of a substance or a mixture are requested to provide Safety Data Sheet (SDS) to the National Toxicological Information Centre (NTIC).
2. SDS should be supplied in . PDF or .DOC format by email (kbu@ntic.sk) or on USB by post to the address:

University Hospital Bratislava
Limbová 5, 833 05 Bratislava

3. The file name has to contain only the name of the product (not an identification number).
4. The NTIC confirms the reception of SDS by replaying via email.
5. The NTIC is a poison centre with a legal status of an appointed body in Slovakia according to the Article 45 of CLP regulation (EC) No 1272/2008.
6. The NTIC emergency phone number is available for 24 /7 and is aimed to be used by medical personnel as well as general public to contact the NTIC in case of emergency.
7. Notification of SDS towards the NTIC as well as an availability of the NTIC emergency phone number in SDS is currently free of charge.
8. The supplier is required to provide SDS to the NTIC latest by the date the product distribution or sale starts on Slovak market.
9. Manufacturer placing detergent product on the market is obliged to provide the ingredient datasheet to the NTIC as stipulated in the Annex VII C of the detergent regulation (No 648/2004/EC).
10. All the provided documents have to be translated into national (Slovak) language.
11. Person who has prepared SDS is responsible for its content. To confirm the accuracy of SDS content is not the assignment of the NTIC. The NTIC is not responsible for the accuracy of SDS content provided.
12. The NTIC may only use the information provided in SDS for reasons stipulated in the Article 45 of CLP regulation (EC) No 1272/2008, thus maintaining the confidentiality of the information received.


For more information you can contact Centre for Chemical Substances and Preparations of the Ministry of Economy of the Slovak Republic